Sensor based ergonomic cushion for posture detection and correction

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Anshuman ShastriNamrata AroraKavita Sagar

Abstract: Awkward postures are associated with a number of musculoskeletal disorders in almost all work sectors. Various studies have indicated the prevalence of awkward postures in different work setups and have provided ways to assess postural deviations and their unfavourable effects on general well being of the workers. The need of the hour is to have an aid that provides a means not only to assess the awkwardness of a posture, but also to correct it as soon as it is identified. The study, here, is designed to develop a solution for assessment and correction of the awkward posture as soon as it is attained. An ergonomic cushion is presented which is fitted with printed flex sensors to detect the awkward postures, considering lumbar curve, thoracic curve and cervical curve. A mobile application is used to configure the sensing range of the sensors. The application collects the data for the flex pressure sensors positioned at different points and warn the user to correct the posture. If not corrected within the stipulated time, the cushion automatically corrects the posture with the help of a microcontroller that expands or deflates the cushion as per postural requirement.

Keywords: posture correction, flex pressure sensors, ergonomic design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002841

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