Protection and Transfer of Financial Digital Data Through Open Source Software

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Rusko FilchevTihomir DovramadjievRozalina DimovaPlamen Parushev

Abstract: Modern society is increasingly using ICT technologies to transfer information quickly. In addition to the purely technological advantages of IT tools, they enable the recipients of information data to be ultimately facilitated in their operational activities. On the other hand, data transfer, when it comes to transferring files with specific information, is a serious issue that concerns both available technological resources and security. This report aims to explore the current technological capabilities for the transfer of digital information containing banking, financial and other data, to be maximum protected from unauthorized or malicious users. Also into question are conventional methods of transmitting digital data via email or cloud. Open source software provides the possibility of reliable encryption and protection: Money Manager Ex, Tor Browser and OnionShare. In the present study, specific advantages of realizing the transfer of digital data from the point of transmission to the final recipient are presented.

Keywords: Digital, Data, Security, Encrypting, Open Source

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002845

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