Exploring remote operation of heavy vehicles – findings from a simulator study

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Authors: Jonas AnderssonDaban RizgaryMikael SödermanJohanna Vännström

Abstract: Fully automated driving has posed more challenges than expected, and remote operation of heavy vehicles is increasingly getting attention. Therefore, human remote operators may have an essential role in compensating for the technological shortcomings in vehicle automation. This poses challenges in designing the work of human remote operators of automated heavy vehicles. This paper presents findings from a research project performed in collaboration between the RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Scania. In the project, human-automation interaction requirements and challenges for remote operator work were explored through a simulator study. Before the study, three main operator tasks were defined: assessment, assistance, and remote driving. The simulation occurred in a transportation scenario where operators handled ten trucks driving on a public road and confined areas (transportation hub). Fifteen participants completed the study. The results provide examples and insights into classical automation-related challenges in a new context – the remote operation of heavy vehicles. Instances of challenges with situational awareness, out-of-the-loop, trust, and attention management were found and are discussed in relation to HMI design and requirements.

Keywords: remote operation, heavy vehicles, HMI

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002820

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