A Task-Technology Fit Model for Digital Audio Workstations Evaluation

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Darko Etinger

Abstract: Music industry changes in the last decade largely shifted the music production tasks from big established studios to music artists. With the addition of online music streaming platforms, an end-to-end process of music creation, publishing, delivery, and consummation is achieved. This phenomenon emphasizes music artists as content creators to handle music production. Digital audio workstation systems enabled end users to compose, record, mix and master music. This research focuses on identifying the fit between various tasks music artists must perform during music creation and the technical characteristic of the tools used, particularly modern digital audio workstations. Ultimately, it is tested whether the task- technology fit (TTF), a well-established information systems theory model is a good predictor of the intention to use digital audio workstation systems by music artists. By applying the PLS-SEM method, results show that TTF positively influences music artists' intention to use DAWs.

Keywords: Task-Technology Fit, Intention to use, Digital Audio Workstation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002867

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