How to support and integrate operators in CPPS: Insights from competency modelling for adapt and exchange scenarios

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Felix MiesenLeon UrbasSusanne Narciss

Abstract: Cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) with its high automation and digitalization levels are capable of executing most tasks automatically. Further, their architecture allows for system changes in rather short times spans. Thus, operators facing these challenging features of CPPS have fewer chances to consolidate their competencies or to build a proper mental model. However, operators must be able to step in whenever automation reaches its limits. For a successful manual intervention, operators need to be integrated and supported in the best ways possible. This paper presents a competency model with ten competencies assigned to three clusters for adapt and exchange scenarios for CPPS in process industry. Approaches for integrating operators and designing assistance strategies can be derived from this model. Further, the model itself and the approaches are discussed.

Keywords: Competency modelling, Cyber-physical production system, Human machine-interaction, Human system-integration, Operator assistance

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002876

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