Aesthetics Evaluation Method of Chinese Characters based on Region Segmentation and Pixel Calculation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Weigang WangXinyue WangChengQi Xue

Abstract: With the increasing demand for using and the great enrichment of Chinese fonts, how to quickly evaluate the beauty of fonts has become an important issue in the current design. However, Chinese characters are difficult to judge and quantify, and have strong aesthetic subjectivity. At the same time, the evaluation of Chinese characters is abstract, which is difficult to meet the application needs of today's rapid font design and evaluation.Based on the attributes and aesthetic characteristics of Chinese characters, this paper calculate and verify the beauty of Chinese characters. According to the traditional Chinese character aesthetic evaluation index - balance and stability, this paper evaluates the Chinese character font. First, the Chinese characters are placed in a 600*600 pixel rectangular box and divided into 25 small 120*120 pixel rectangular boxes to realize the quintuple segmentation of Chinese characters. Secondly, the left-right and up-down balance degree, left-right balance degree, stability degree and their corresponding pixel calculation methods are proposed as the indicators to evaluate the beauty of modern Chinese characters. According to the calculation method proposed in this paper, the five Chinese characters of the two fonts are selected to calculate their left-right balance index, upper-lower balance index and stability respectively, and calculate the average value as the beauty of the font. In addition, subjective evaluation experiments are conducted to verify whether the calculation method can reflect the user's subjective feelings.In the discussion, the possible future directions are put forward and given.

Keywords: Chinese fonts, Pixel calculation, Aesthetics evaluation, Aesthetics caculation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002877

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