Layout evaluation of interface of TV remote controls based on analytic hierarchy process

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Tong LiMeng Qian TianXingsong Wang

Abstract: In order to quantitatively evaluate the beauty of the interface layout of the TV remote control, six beautification metrics are selected: balance, symmetry, continuity, cohesion, integrity, simplicity, and regularity, and quantify them separately. The analytic hierarchy process is introduced to calculate the weight of each indicator, and a comprehensive beauty calculation formula method for the layout of interface elements is proposed. Taking the interface element layout design of several TV remote controllers sold in T-mall software as an example, the objectivity and accuracy of the calculation method for evaluating the aesthetic degree of interface element layout are verified, and the weight of each aesthetic element can be reflected. The degree of influence of indicators on the comprehensive beauty of the TV remote control interface design helps guide designers to understand the importance of each indicator to the TV remote control interface design, and to improve the interface layout design of such products.

Keywords: interface design, analytic hierarchy process, aesthetic measures, aesthetic features, design evaluation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002882

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