A comparative study on the layout of interface elements of two types of Web pages with different uses based on beauty degree calculation

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Authors: Huang YongzheBeibei Sun

Abstract: Based on the beauty degree calculation method proposed by Lei Zhou, et al (2013) including thirteen formulas to calculate the different attributes of the layout of interface. This paper selects six attributes to study interface elements aesthetic, such as balance, symmetry, integrity and so on, and conducting an experiment to verify the calculated results with the participants subjective evaluation results. In this study, eight different web pages were selected to evaluate the layout of interface elements, including four cultural and educational web pages and four shopping web pages, which can roughly represent the mainstream web design of these two types of web pages. First of all, the layout of selected interface elements was calculated by Matlab software(https://ww2.mathworks.cn/en/products/matlab.html?s_tid=hp_products_matlab). In the second step, Likert seven-point scale test was used to let the subjects score the beauty degree of each page. And finally, the two groups of data were compared to draw a conclusion. According to subject's evaluation, southeast university library homepage layout got the highest score of 5.5 points. Compared with the calculation results of beauty, it is consistent with the calculation results, and has achieved high scores in the calculation of attributes in balance, integrity, cohesion and proportion beauty. This shows that for the layout of the subjective evaluation and the degree of the calculation results are largely consistent with, the scientific and accuracy of the beauty degree calculation is highly can help the designers to improve interface configuration and design layout.

Keywords: Beauty degree calculation, Interface layout, Balance, comparative aesthetic study

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002883

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