User-centred generation of early-concept Mobility-as-a-Service interface designs aimed at promoting greener travel

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Authors: Jisun KimHenrietta HowarthJoy RichardsonJohn Preston

Abstract: With the increasing focus on sustainable travel, there is a particular need for easier journey planning that connects people in areas of current high car dependency with employment and other activities using greener transport modes. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), which may be accessed from a mobile application (app), allows integration of various transport modes along with booking and payment functions into a single mobility service. Careful consideration of a MaaS app interface design is required for it to encourage active and sustainable travel amongst users. This study applied the Design with Intent tool with the aim of generating novel MaaS interface design concepts to support and encourage sustainable journeys in five design workshops involving 23 participants. Participants used 22 design cards each showing a design pattern and applied example from another field as inspiration. They worked in groups to discuss a range of MaaS design ideas that may encourage more frequent use of public transport and active travel. General topics discussed within the workshops included design ideas for: providing relevant information that assists easy and efficient journey planning and execution relating to the use of sustainable travel; promoting achievement of goals and pursuit of value; helping habit formation through positive reinforcement; and enabling personalisation of information to better suit users’ specific needs in travel. Further work is needed to determine which of the resulting design ideas could be implemented within a MaaS app.

Keywords: Mobile application, interface design, Design with Intent, sustainable travel

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002884

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