The relationship between the performance of the star and the shape of basketball sneaker and the prediction of the shape design

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Authors: Xingjian LiuXingsong Wang

Abstract: With the development of the economy and society, the concept of industrial design has undergone great changes, forming the modern "human-centered" concept. Therefore, the key research topic is how to connect products with users and design customized products for users. This research combines perceptual engineering, analytic hierarchyprocess and experimental calculations, combined with the famous stars of the American Basketball Association, to establish a prediction of the feature recognition and shape design of stars and basketball shoes. Firstly, we use questionnaires, 40 famous fans select the adjectives that best represent basketball shoes. Secondly, evaluate the performance of players from mental and physical dimensions for quantitative analysis; then evaluate the appearance of 20 pairs of basketball shoes (4 stars and each star selects the latest 5 generations of basketball shoes) and modeling analysis, to classify sneakers that match the stars; in SolidWorks CAD, the vector shape is obtained, and the key modeling parameters are calculated. Finally, a rough model is established between player performance and shoe modeling in the modeling index. Qualitative relationship, and when designing the next generation of star signature shoe styling, the product is quantitatively estimated to a certain extent and styling is controlled by star design. This study found that star performance is strongly related to basketball sneaker shape. And it allows designers to grasp the direction of signature shoe design in a short time.

Keywords: modeling evaluation,quantitative analysis,product customization,trend guidance

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002886

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