An objective aesthetic evaluation method of CNC machine tool based on aesthetic degree calculation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xianzhao FangJianrun Zhang

Abstract: According to the method for beauty degree calculation proposed by Ngo (2003), beauty degree calculation has been widely used in designing the shape of various objects and the aesthetics of various interfaces. He quantified the interface by dividing the interface into 14 indicators such as balance, symmetry, cohesion, and simplicity to achieve the objectification of beauty evaluation. This paper mainly studies the relationship between the interface aesthetic and the CNC machine tool evaluation by comparing the results of the machine tool's beauty degree calculation results and the participants' subjective evaluation scores, to verify the application of the beauty degree calculation on the evaluation of machine tool design, providing an idea for future machine tool design. First, 6 classic machine tool schemes were selected, and 8 related indicators were pre-processed through a questionnaire survey to obtain the 6 participating elements that the participants thought were most relevant to the appearance evaluation of the machine tool, to avoid subsequent elements interfering with the subjects' scoring. Then, 4 different types of machine tool were selected which can mainly represent the mainstream machine tool design, and the scores of 6 interface elements were calculated by MATLAB software to obtain the ranking. ( In the second step, the questionnaire was used to ask the subjects to rank the beauty of each machine tool design. Finally, the experimental beauty degree calculation results are compared with the subjective evaluation result. Compared subjective questionnaire result with the calculation results, the ranking of the calculation results is consistent. This shows that the beauty degree calculation results of the beauty of the machine tool are consistent with the subjective evaluation. The application of the beauty degree calculation in the evaluation of the CNC machine tool design scheme is scientific and accurate, which can realize the objective evaluation of the appearance of the machine tool and help the designers to improve the design scheme and design layout.

Keywords: Beauty degree calculation, CNC machine tool, Design study, Aesthetic study

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002888

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