Evaluation Planning for Artificial Intelligence-based Industry 6.0 Metaverse Integration

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Janne heilalaKhushboo Singh

Abstract: The article presents an image of Industry 6.0 (I6.0) metaverse integration based on an extensive study of selective literature. The Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) developed from industry 1.0, which showcased steam engines, to the information age 4.0, which includes Automation and Robotics (AR) and Additive Manufacturing (AM), are briefly discussed. The aim is to know how manufacturing practically links to the connection between business partners' core competence, the Global Supply Chain (GSC) pattern, and how Human Systems Integrate (HSI). The level of I5.0 requires highly developed systems, and manufacturing robots must consider Human Factors (HFs) for safety reasons. In addition, the design office must also consider human health and safety. HSI requires these Robot Factors (RFs) for humans to work in the manufacturing environment without being restricted. This work investigates how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be transferred to a robot in practice by creating a test setup for sharing human behavior with high sampling frequency devices. Developing models that can promote the future of cognitive Augmented Reality (AR) will increase the immersion of initial steps of the metaverse in the new generation internet. In the proposed clinical test setup program, we deal with the procedures related to the model's production from a meta-level with a futuristic vision to long-term progress in this field of research. The relevance and promising potential of the recent research conducted in this area suggest that the proposed approach is highly significant in enabling future studies.

Keywords: brain-control technology, action study, artificial intelligence, metacognitive strategies

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002892

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