The influence of background, layout and color elements on the beauty index of search engine interface

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Haoyue DaiChengQi Xue

Abstract: It is well known that the aesthetics of interface design are often evaluated in various qualitative or quantitative ways. As a quantitative index, interface beauty has been widely used in the evaluation of interface aesthetics. Search engines are the first choice for users to quickly obtain information. Improving their interface design based on quantitative evaluation can effectively enhance the aesthetics of the interface design and enhance the user experience. This paper selects six basic beauty indicators: sense of order, sense of association, simplicity, sense of union, intensity and sense of regularity, to evaluate the beauty of the layout and background elements of the search engine interface, and to study its impact on the influence of interface beauty. In addition, by introducing the colour balance index, the influence of background elements of different levels on the beauty of search engine interface under different colours is evaluated. The result shows that background pictures can improve the beauty of interface, and the lower the beauty without background, the higher the degree of improvement. There is no significant difference in the improvement of beauty between different backgrounds, indicating that the layout of elements has a greater impact on the beauty of the interface than the background image.

Keywords: beauty calculation, subjective evaluation, hierarchical analysis, interface design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002893

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