Evaluation Method of TV Wall Layout Design

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Haoyu JiaoJianrun Zhang

Abstract: This paper proposes the design priority of the aesthetic elements of the TV wall layout through the analysis of concepts of Aesthetics calculation. Firstly, this paper selected 9 representative TV wall layout design samples and simplified 7 main indicators among indicators proposed by Ngo through interviews. Then, the calculation result matrix of the beauty index is calculated by Matlab, and then the subjective evaluation method is used to obtain the weight of each beauty index of the subjective evaluation method. Then, combined with the entropy method, the result is obtained in the mathematical calculation. According to the subjective evaluation method, the weights were artificially revised, and finally the weights of the seven aesthetics indicators for the layout design of the TV wall were obtained, and the priorities of the aesthetic development were sorted. Finally, verified the reliability of the mathematical modeling results through the establishment of a five-point Likert scale method. This paper establishes the design priority of the elements of TV walls layout and provides some design guidance for TV walls.

Keywords: Aesthetic calculation, Layout design, TV walls, Design priority, Entropy method

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002897

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