The Influence of Visual Balance of Interface Elements Layout on the Attractiveness of APP Guide Pages

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yang WangYan Zhang

Abstract: Guide page design is an important part in APP design. A good guide page can attract users' interest and attention in a short time and effectively transmit information. Therefore, attractiveness is a key factor in evaluating design of APP guide pages. In the actual design activities, most of the interface elements in guide pages are arranged in the form of high balance. In order to explore the relationship between attractiveness of APP guide pages and this arrangement, this study collected samples of 40 guide page design and the corresponding user access data from (a well-known Chinese design social website). Interface aesthetic evaluation method is applied to calculate the value of the three indicators (balance, equilibrium and symmetry) associated with visual balance, SPSS analysis results show that visual balance has an important potential impact on improving the attractiveness of APP guide page.

Keywords: Visual balance, Interface aesthetics, APP guide pages

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002899

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