Meta-verse Non-Heritage in Art Exhibitions: Virtual Reality Contextual Narrative Across Time and Space

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yu jian

Abstract: The meta-universe is a digital living space constructed by humans using digital technologies such as digital twin, virtual reality, Internet of Things, and cloud computing to connect reality and imagination. This mirror simulation of the real world breaks the boundaries of time and space and builds a new digital space-time context. Digital technology through sensing and VR makes people experience the retro atmosphere constructed by virtual reality across space and time while perceiving the real space-time embodied experience, which is the missing means to break the boundaries of space-time to experience the contextual narrative, revitalize historical relics, interpret historical stories, and achieve living heritage in art exhibitions. The concept of "contextual narrative" in the meta-universe ICH in the art exhibition will use digital modalities to recreate ICH scenes, and in terms of research methodology, it will draw on the narrative structure, characteristics, characters and plot of ICH scenes for inter-temporal construction.

Keywords: Metaverse, virtual reality, contextual narrative

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002904

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