Designing a Digital Crown-Mapping Application for Pedestrian and Cyclists

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Waldemar TitovCarl GerlachThomas Schlegel

Abstract: Walking and cycling as active mobility have often been forgotten in research and planning in sub-Saharan Africa and only in recent years national and local authorities as well as international agencies are putting more effort on this topic. There are efforts to develop walking and cycling policies and infrastructure in cities like Nairobi and Kampala. However, these new infrastructure projects are minimal in scope, have design inadequacies that make them unusable or unattractive, are not wide enough to meet walking space standards, and are in places that do not serve the majority of the people who need to access them. To further promote active mobility in sub-Saharan Africa while building on existing activities, combined efforts of applied research and continuing education are required to better understand walking and cycling needs in an African Context. The promotion of active mobility can build on existing applied research activities in sub- Saharan Africa as well as transferable research activities in Germany, prior introduced by Hausmann et al. 2017. Nevertheless, there is still a need to better capture the requirements of the pedestrians and cyclists and to illustrate their needs.

Keywords: User-Centered Design, Digital Participation, Crowd-Mapping Tool

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002924

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