Simulation-based Prediction Model to Optimize Contact Pressure of Knitted Fabrics for Wearable Garments

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Seonyoung YounKavita MathurCaitlin KnowlesBeomjun JuBusra SennikJesse Jur

Abstract: This paper proposes a simulation-based contact pressure (CP) prediction model for prototyping electronic textile (e-textile) wearable devices for health monitoring. This study uses a CLO 3D garment simulator, and knit fabrics are investigated in different weights and polyurethane contents. The first phase presents a comparative analysis of simulated and experimental stress. Based on the understanding of simulated stress, the CP model is developed by modifying Laplace’s law and using the simulated stress. The CP model is validated using a pressure sensor to compare the actual contact pressure. The developed CP model helps garment designers and engineers select the appropriate material and product size to achieve the target pressure required for ECG health monitoring in their decision-making.

Keywords: 3D Garment Simulation, Contact Pressure, CLO 3D, Electrocardiogram (ECG), knit fabrics, wearable armband

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002944

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