On-Site and Remote Crowdsourcing of Accessibility Data for People with Mobility Impairments: A Case Study in Zurich’s District 1

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Lina WitzelSophy ChhongHans-Peter HutterAlireza Darvishy

Abstract: Collecting accurate accessibility data systematically for pathways is a time-consuming task that typically requires expert knowledge. However, it is a prerequisite to enable reliable and trustworthy accessible routing. The development of Capture & Go, a mobile application to report barriers for people with mobility impairments, facilitates the on-site collection of crowdsourced accessibility data. Several other mapping tools contain accessibility data, although they have not been developed explicitly for this purpose. In contrast to Capture & Go, they allow data collection to be performed remotely. Using quantitative and qualitative approaches, we analyzed several such applications and examined their efficiency in capturing barriers in a case study of District 1 in Zurich. The remotely collected data was compared to the data of the barriers captured on-site using Capture & Go. Overall, the remote tools were less efficient than Capture & Go in terms of effort, coverage, and accuracy of the barriers, as well as usability.

Keywords: Accessibility, Barriers, Crowdsourcing, Data Collection, Empirical Study, Mobility Impairments, On-Site, Performance, Remote, Routing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002949

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