Evaluation of the Effect of Viewing Paintings with Different Objects and Methods of Expression on Stress

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Keisuke KisuKeiichi WatanukiKozawa Motohiro

Abstract: This study aimed to evaluate the effects of differences in objects and methods of expression when viewing paintings on stress reduction through the use of biometric measurements. Thirteen subjects were recruited for the experiment, and a multi-physiological sensor, and a tabletop eye-movement measurement device were used in the experiment. The skin conductance response (SCR) and LF/HF ratio were used as the evaluation indices. The results showed that the SCR and LF/HF ratio decreased significantly by viewing paintings irrespective of the objects or methods of expression. This suggests, that viewing paintings may reduce stress irrespactive of the objects or methods of expression. Additionally, the results suggest that even people without a high level of art expertise may be able to classify paintings appropriately in terms of abstraction.

Keywords: Painting, Art, Skin conductance, LF/HF, Stress

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003239

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