Brand Design based on Kansei Product Development: Integration among Customer Experience, Kansei Value, and Emotional Design

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Authors: Shinya NagasawaYusuke Irisawa

Abstract: In this study, we have summarized the theories about the customer experience and have discussed the central position of the theories and the relationship between the theories. In addition, we attempted an analysis of two cases one involving a movie and the other a car. On the basis of this discussion and case analysis, the products and services in which the concept of emotional design is applied can be positioned as customer stimuli (i.e. stimuli of consumption behavior), by which the customer experience is created through Kansei information processing. We have also verified the fact that this process is experienced by the customer.In terms of customer experience, which is difficult to manipulate and control, first, the customer’s experience can be targeted by asking the question, “What kind of experience do you want customers to have?”, and the products and services can be designed by a process in a direction opposite to that discussed in this study. This can be seen as a new product design methodology, which we define as “Customer Experiential Design” and which makes this study unique.In conclusion, we have considered and analyzed the process of design of products and services by focusing on the customer experience. The experience of customers, which is difficult to manipulate and control, has been clarified, and it is possible to implement product design in such a way as to realize the experience of the assumed customer. In addition, in this study, we have made suggestions about product design and the design process, focusing on the customer experience itself, as well as the related research and business.

Keywords: Customer Experience, Kansei Value, Design Management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003252

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