Innovative dining experience realized by developing naked-vision floating projection

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jia-Ming DayYu-Hsuan LinShun Wen Chao

Abstract: With the advent of the COVID-19 post-epidemic era, human life has gradually transformed into a new form: less contact, avoiding dining together and reducing open shared spaces. The traditional lifestyle of human interaction, cultural participation, and sharing of emotions has changed, and this has become a new issue that needs to be resolved. This project aims to develop a naked-vision multi-level optical projection system as a cultural carrier and construct a new catering cultural field. We projected beautiful images of solar terms, poetry, and natural scenery on the dining table. The virtual animation mixed with the tableware in three-dimensional space to construct an immersive field of naked mixed reality. Innovative technical indicators are three-dimensional floating and touchable projection images. A multi-mirror staggered array optical element combined with a directional light projection system will achieve floating projection for engineering technology. The virtual image is projected into the physical space and completes the effect that the virtual image is "touchable and unavailable" (that is, it will pass through the virtual image when touched by the hand). To achieve the function of the interaction between floating images and people, we will use hand posture information to control the interface, define the floating image's imaging position through leap motion, match the operation behavior's position, and trigger the pre-designed animation content. This paper focuses on the display issue, and we will present another paper on the interactive issue.

Keywords: Naked, vision, Floating projection, Dining experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003256

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