StressButton: Using Connectivity of Everyday Objects for Children to Coping Learning Stress

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Cheng YaoPinhao WangZhengke LiJing LiXinyi LiJun HuBarakova EmiliaFangtian YingWenjie Xu

Abstract: The highly competitive education system is an unavoidable problem for primary school students in China, and excessive learning stress among children is a problem that cannot be ignored in current primary education. In the family environment, parents tend to ignore the stress of children in the learning process and lack encouragement. This paper proposes a theory of connectivity and presents the interaction design and implementation of StressButton to help build a bond between parents and children in coping with stress through the intelligent connection of everyday objects. We conduct a study to verify the connectivity and effectiveness of StressButton. The results show that using the connectivity of IoT to improve the connectedness of family members is a better approach to coping with stress and helping build a relaxed home environment.

Keywords: Stress intervention, Intelligent System, Parent, Child Interaction, Connected Objects, Children

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003257

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