Color Preference of Large Cruise Catering Space Based on Eye Tracking Technology

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jinjin WangChangxue Pan

Abstract: The color of large cruise catering space, an indispensable part of the design, is of great significance to improve the dining experience of visitors and ensuring the comfort of the space. In this study, the eye tracking technology is used for the color needs of visitors in cruise catering space. From the perspective of visitors’ color preference, the study discusses design methods of color coordination for cruise catering space in detail, and design rules and inspirations of color matching in cruise catering space, on a basis of effective data of eye tracking experiments. And from the perspective of visual psychology and combination of colors, the study analyses color elements of cruise catering space. Subjects were invited to conduct simulation test, in which the eye tracker was used to record the data of eye movement when the subjects looked at cruise catering space, including heat map, AOI and saccades, etc. At the end of each task, each subject was asked to give the color preference in the process, so as to analyze the correlation between objective research data and subjective preference. According to the heat map, it is found that the subjects mainly focus on the catering space featuring “analogous colors harmony” and “triad complementary colors harmony”. And according to the AOI bar chart, it can be concluded that the subjects show an average fixation level in the area of “red and orange” significantly higher than that in other areas. Therefore, the results suggest that visitors are more interested in the color coordination and design of cruise catering space, when it features colors similar with red and orange. And the color preference of visitors is of great significance to improve the color quality of cruise catering space, which can stimulate people’s appetite, thereby creating a pleasant and comfortable dining environment.

Keywords: Eye Tracking Technology, Large Cruise Ship, Color Preference, Catering Space

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003258

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