Design index system based on user preferences: The case of Chinese medical products

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Huajie WangJian Xu

Abstract: In order to improve the design quality of Chinese medical products, this paper constructs a design index system based on the Hierarchical analysis method for aesthetics, functionality, usability and user experience, combines the Kano model to locate the importance of the relevant indexes in the design expectations of users' psychology, and forms a clear design direction. The design of the "Look and Feel" Chinese traditional medical product was completed under the guidance of the methodology, and the product was well received by users. The design of the product was approved by the users. This project shows that the design method is a good guide to improve the design of Chinese traditional medical products, and also has some significance for the development of similar medical products.

Keywords: Chinese traditional medical product, Usability, Aesthetic, Kano model

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003261

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