Design of Intelligent Home Planting Robot Based on MR Technology

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Authors: Zixuan HuangShuwen QiuRen Long

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to explore the interactive mode of intelligent home planting robot based on MR technology. In recent years, China's green plant industry market is expanding, the residential economy is developing rapidly under the epidemic prevention and control, and the smart planting machines used at home have attracted much attention. The design of intelligent home planting robot was explored in this study, which could provide reference for the design of related home intelligent products. Market research, literature research, user interview and user collaborative design methods to analyze the current design trend and user needs of home intelligent robots were adopted in the research. The results show that the development of labor courses in urban primary and secondary schools was affected by the epidemic, and there were some problems of children with less exposure to outdoor activities and a low understanding of vegetables. In order to meet the needs of children for home planting and understanding of green vegetables, our research team completed the design and output from the directions of human-computer interaction, appearance and modeling, sustainable development and plant demand visualization. The intelligent home planting robot is designed to grow green vegetables at home, which can compost degradable waste as raw materials. Based on MR technology, the real-time feedback of plants through operation interface and cartoon expression, which is of great research value and reference significance.

Keywords: Planting robot, MR technology, Compost, Product design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003265

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