Effect of Presentation of Advertisements during Visual Display Terminal Work on Concentration

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kanta OnimaruKeiichi WatanukiKazunori KaedeYusuke Osawa

Abstract: This study aimed to examine the effects that advertisements viewed during visual display terminal (VDT) work have on workers as well as the appropriate conditions under which advertisements should be presented to both consumers and advertisers. We investigated the manner in which the position and interest in advertisements affected people’s ability to focus. Mock advertisements were displayed on a monitor while participants completed a specially created cognitive memory exercise. We evaluated the effects on concentration based on the results of the exercise, subjective evaluations of concentration, and eye-gaze information. This shows that the self-perception of concentration may have been affected by the advertisement, except when the commercial was placed on the right side of the screen. Additionally, it was hypothesized that differences in the level of interest in advertisements and the condition of the workers affected their concentration.

Keywords: concentration, Interest, Advertisement, Peripheral vision, Gaze

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003247

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