Application of Educational Context Data using Artificial Intelligence Methods

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Myriam PeñafielMaria VasquezDiego Vasquez

Abstract: Today the web generates a large amount of data, the same ones that come from social networks, online platforms, communities, cloud computing, etc., but one type of data has not been recognized for its relevance and that is data from Learning Management Systems like Moodle in the educational context. Considering this context, this research will apply some Artificial Intelligence methods and techniques such as the TSA methodology, Text mining, and Sentiment Analysis to assess the data about the opinion of the students, converting them into stable information structures that allow their reflection and analysis. The work carried out focuses on determining the level of user satisfaction, in this case, the students, of the virtual learning platforms. The results obtained show that applying Artificial Intelligence allows obtaining relevant information that helps to undertake improvement actions by authorities and managers in the educational context based on the opinion of the students, detecting important problems in online learning during these times of COVID-19 we are just past.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, education, opinion mining, sentiment analysis, virtual classroom, students, TSA Methodology.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003283

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