An ontology-based modeling and CBR method for cable process planning

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chengjin QiuXiaojun LiuChangbiao ZhuFeng Xiao

Abstract: Cables exist in a large number of complex electronic devices, the quality of cable process design has a direct impact on the service quality and efficiency of the equipment. Cable process planning is a complex, time-consuming, and typically knowledge-intensive task that involves product information, process routing, parameters, and material selection, depending on the experience and knowledge of the process designers heavily. However, the unstructured and tacit nature of the knowledge makes it difficult to reuse. To implement knowledge-based intelligent cable process reasoning, and increase the design quality of the cable process plan while lowering the cost, it is critical to managing the cable process knowledge systematically and effectively. This paper proposes an ontology-based modeling method for cable product and process knowledge, in this approach, (1) A cable knowledge model containing cable product description and process plan is built; (2) Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) is employed to reuse knowledge from the previous case with the maximum similarity to realize rapid cable process planning, reducing the time and cost of process planning. In addition, a customized control cable process planning is taken as an example to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method.

Keywords: Cable, Case, based reasoning, Knowledge modeling, Process knowledge, Process planning

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003284

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