Situation Awareness Monitoring by Behaviour Detection and Model’s Processes Retroaction for Crew Member of Nuclear Power Plant

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yanfei LiuChao ShenJunsong LiuFeng FuYuzhou Liu

Abstract: Based on on-site operator’s control behavior and model’s consequential behavior & cognitive process’ retroaction (MBPR), a situation awareness detection method is proposed for crew members of nuclear power plant control room. Firstly, the cognitive models are built depending on of operator’s control knowledge, cognitive characteristic parameters and working environment’s. The cognitive model itself reflects the cognitive process and cognitive characteristics of the operator under that specific working conditions, and model’s consequential behavior embodies the operator’s cognitive characteristic and the selected procedural knowledge. From this point, the model’s consequential behavior is the representation of the operator’s procedural knowledge and operator’s certain cognitive characteristics. With this method, the on-site operator’s behavior can be captured and applied to compare model’s behaviour. Then by retroacting the model’s procedure, the operator’s cognitive characteristic and selected procedural knowledge at the moment can be obtained through tracing back the model’s behavior to its procedure. Finally, the operator’s cognitive characteristic and selected procedural knowledge are unearthed, and it can be as the representation of crew member’s cognitive status.

Keywords: Situation Awareness Monitoring, Cognitive Modelling, Behavior Detection, Model’s Processes Retroaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003293

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