AI-enabled Playful Enhancement of Resilience and Self-Efficacy with Psychological Learning Theory

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Authors: Lucas PalettaSilvia RusseggerDietrich AlbertEva ReininghausMelanie LengerMaria FellnerThomas LutzMartin PszeidaSandra DraxlerThomas OrgelMichael SchneebergerSuher GuggemosJochen MosbacherStephan SpatGloria Pötz

Abstract: The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a global public health emergency with multifaceted severe consequences for people’s lives and their mental health. Distress and anxiety are normal responses to such extreme circumstances. The Austrian research project AI-Refit aims at a radically innovative app prototype representing a digital care centre (i) to reinforce resilience by engaging into activities to prevent from depressive symptoms, severe anxiety and stress levels, (ii) to apply playful AI- and sensor-enabled assessment of mental health, (iii) to capture daily lifestyle data for a comprehensive contextual assessment from non-obtrusive wearables, and (iv) to adaptively promote self-efficacy of the individual, based on scientific psychological learning theory.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, resilience, learning theory

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003973

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