Comparisons of kinesiology tapes: Raw materials, fabric structure, physical strength and comfort properties

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kamrul HasanAmeersing LuximonYan Luximon

Abstract: Kinesiology tape is a thin, flexible relatively new intervention for treating a variety of injuries such as relieving pain, reducing swelling and inflammation, and providing support to joints and muscles. However, there is little study to support the material composition and structural properties as well as the physical strength and comfort properties of different kinds of kinesiology tapes. Therefore, in this study, numerous testing was conducted to measure the structural, physical strength, and comfort properties. The experimental results show that kinesiology tapes are non-linear elastic fabric where the backsides of the fabrics are coated with an acrylic adhesive. It was also found that warp yarns of the fabrics are mostly based on core-spun elastic yarns and weft yarns are rigid cotton yarns. The physical strength of the kinesiology tapes were found from 104N to 272N which is unusual due to their structural material properties and fabric thickness. Air permeability, water vapor permeability, and thermal conductivity characteristics are mainly affected by the compact layer of acrylic adhesive on the surface of the fabric that might be significantly increased under tensile extension resulting in air permeability, water vapor, and thermal conductivity properties will be increasing that can positively affect wearer comfort.

Keywords: Kinesiology tape, Material properties, Fabric structural properties, Physical strength properties, Comfort properties

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003314

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