The recognition of novelty in entrepreneurship education

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Aicha DifZahra Hamdani

Abstract: In a global world with open knowledge in the extension process, bringing a new idea is a key to economic development, especially when it becomes a real opportunity market. Thus, bringing a new idea is a myth for academic researchers, and recognising and appreciating the actual value of an idea is more ambiguous and depends on the ability of the human brain to avoid prejudice against something they do not know and understand in a limited time. This paper seeks to identify criteria used in evaluating new idea value in business. The potential actors implicated in this process are investors and coach members of the committee project evaluation.

Keywords: Idea evaluation, Process recognition, Start, up, Entrepreneurship education, Opportunity recognition, Investor, New idea, R&D.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003316

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