Hybrid Intelligence - how to gain competitive advantages and process innovations in challenging times

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Christian VockeWilhelm BauerCarmen ConstantinescuDaniela Popescu

Abstract: Current influences such as the Corona pandemic, war in Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis, delivery and supply bottlenecks, and climate change are calling on the state, society, and business to deliver cooperative and sustainable concepts in response. In addition to developments in the areas of demography and decarbonization, in particular potentials of internal as well as cross-company digitalization of processes and structures lead to a profound transformation of our working world. Promising innovations are also promised by hybrid AI approaches, new network architectures and AI simulations using quantum computers. The presentation will show how hybrid AI methods can be used to combine the knowledge and experience of experts (e.g., specialists) with data-based approaches that use machine learning methods to analyze statistical correlations and derive recommendations for new business models and forms of human-machine interaction for process optimization.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems, Collaboration, Creativity, Design, Human, Machine Interaction, Innovation

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003308

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