Inclusive clothing design: workshops based on case studies

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Leticia MarteliPaula TrigueirosFernando Moreira Da SilvaLuis Carlos Paschoarelli

Abstract: Inclusive clothing design emerges from users' need to use products to their fullest. Despite being a segment with a wide variety of models, the great dysfunctionality of uses for people with movement restrictions still shows. Discussing this situation with designers is necessary to change perspectives toward inclusion when approaching unconventional scenarios in product development. For a preliminary approach to the subject, workshops can generate reflections for inclusive product development from the perspective of dressing-related problems. For this purpose, workshops were held at IDEGUI in Guimarães (Portugal) on practical approaches to discuss ideas and create inclusive alternatives. The results of the discussion were proposals like alternatives for the clothing market. These proposals can already be found in the clothing market, but still, the results are not entirely obsolete since they were not presented as an option from the beginning. The participants' interest, added to previous experiences, brought exciting complements to the discussion and dissemination of inclusive clothing design through a systemic perception of product development.

Keywords: Inclusive Clothing, Ergonomic Design, User, Centered Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003322

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