Good practices in implementing senior-friendly design in selected public institutions across the European Union

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Authors: Beata FabisiakRobert KłosAnna JankowskaJasna HrovatinRyann Deloso

Abstract: Societies in various parts of the world face social and economic challenges caused by a silver tsunami. Nonetheless, the accelerated aging processes also constitute a trigger for a positive change in the way public and private spaces are designed. The research task aimed to identify and analyze good practices in the design of furniture and interior design elements in selected public spaces adapted to the needs of seniors in selected countries of the European Union. The geographical scope included: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Taking into account the principles of universal design, field research was carried out in selected public institutions. Existing solutions were assessed in the context of their accessibility and safety for seniors. Photographic documentation was prepared, which constituted the source material. Moreover, interviews with owners and creators of the spaces have been performed. Based on the research a set of good practices was identified to support the process of designing furniture and interior design elements adapted to the needs of seniors, taking into account both functional and aesthetic aspects. These good practices do not only serve seniors but also other public space users with diverse abilities and needs.

Keywords: Senior, friendly Design, Design for All, Public Space, Furniture, Interior Design, Accessibility, International Study

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003343

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