POT Design: Participatory design workshops for guidance on university choice in design

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Authors: Giuseppe Di BucchianicoStefania CamploneRaffaella MassacesiRossana Gaddi

Abstract: The issue of participation is at the basis of the design approaches of design for inclusion. In particular, active and conscious involvement must be the starting point of any action that intends to look at inclusion. This is all the more true when addressing young students who are about to make their university choice: nothing more useful than leading them to directly experience a simulation, albeit simplified, of what could be assimilated to the possible training experience that awaits them.This contribution describes two design experiences conducted by a heterogeneous group of young designers in the context of an ideas competition, developed starting from a study orientation initiative promoted by the Italian Ministry of University, which was repeated for two successive academic years and on two different themes, albeit refer-ring to central areas of industrial design: product design and communication design. The goal was to develop artifacts that had their greatest value in the ability to enhance problematic environmental contexts, human diversity, and some issues and effects related to the post pandemic period.

Keywords: Career choice orientation, design experience, participation, post pandemic de, sign

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003942

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