Movement Description Method and Application for Dance of Chinese Traditional Drama

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yihang DuZhang YaoNiu Ke

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to propose a description model of human motion for Chinese traditional drama, which contained body structure, spatial orientation and movement force effect three dimensions. A multi rigid model is established based on the relative relationship between nodes and edges, record the movements of each part with geometric figures to establish the skeleton hierarchy of multiple joint points. In addition, we applied the description method on the virtual body in digital CTD performance system, which is designed base on augment reality technique. Also, we extracted the complete set of human motion from CTD such as martial dramatic works and body movement in Bingxi painting dance performance, and design the virtual human action by combining the posture base on the model above. This description method can realize the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture in intelligent media.

Keywords: Human Motion, Description Model, Dance of Chinese Traditional Drama

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003352

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