Visualization and Visual Communication of Tibetan Music

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xinlei ZhangChao ZhengYichen ZengXinhao ZhanLi Cheng XieBingkun Qiu

Abstract: Tibetan music is a unique and ancient music form, which retains the original music characteristics and humanistic connotation, has unique Tibetan regional characteristics and cultural factors, and has high artistic value and aesthetic interest. Because of the restriction of the traditional national structure and modern communication system, Tibetan music can not be developed effectively in modern society. One is how to spread and inherit Tibetan music culture in the present and future society, and the other is how to spread and propagate Tibetan culture through music to attract more people to the Tibetan area. This paper will study the visualization of Tibetan music and visual communication derived from Tibetan music. The modern communication system combined with the preferences of young people to experiment with pioneer music and visual arts to stimulate the vitality of Tibetan culture and iteration. Under the framework of China's traditional ethnic minorities, the cultural genes related to Tibetan arts and humanities are deeply excavated to promote multi-cultural dissemination in the future.

Keywords: Tibetan culture, Tibetan music, music visualization, visual communication

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003369

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