Innovative Strategies for Generative Art in the NFT Market: A Case Study of the Art Blocks

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Bingkun QiuChao ZhengZihao WangLi Cheng XieXinhao ZhanYichen ZengXinlei Zhang

Abstract: Since the 1960s, generative art, which uses code, has existed as a form of art, but in recent years it has emerged as a distinct art form. We face once again a critical moment to redefine artwork as new on-chain generative art platforms create a new ecosystem for trading artworks using digital currencies. As part of this study, existing websites will be systematically reviewed as well as literature on generative art. This will enable us to identify novel strategies for generating art for the NFT market. Based on the study, generative art that stands out in the NFT market is characterized by its scale, precision, randomness, variability, and reuse. As a result of the unique business model, the curatorial classification of works, and the online presence of NFT for generative art, Art Blocks has a significant share of the NFT platform sales volume. Specifically, the research and analysis of the innovative strategies offered by Art Blocks provide a possible direction for the future development of the art market and digital art design and display.

Keywords: Innovative Strategies, Generative Art, NFT Market, Digital Art

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003370

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