Ergonomic Risk Reduction: A Height-Adjustable Mesh Truck for Picking Activities Evaluated With A Depth Camera

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Francesco LolliAntonio Maria CoruzzoloChiara ForgionePlatao Gonçalves Terra Neto

Abstract: The correct assessment of ergonomic risks involved in picking activities is considered crucial step for avoiding musculoskeletal disorders in the workforce. In addition, the workplace and related tools should be designed to minimize those risks during daily activities. In this study, the researchers evaluated the benefits earned from introducing a height-adjustable mesh truck to facilitate and mitigate the risks in which operators are subjected. We evaluate the reported risks by exploring an Azure Kinect-based application which can semi-automatically assess the NIOSH index. We performed an experiment involving 20 volunteers who performed a total of 200 picking, statistically demonstrating the benefits that can be obtained with the introduction of a height-adjustable box.

Keywords: ergonomic, machine vision, tool design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003371

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