Research on Intelligent Cabin (scenario) Design from the Perspective of Tangible Interactive Narratives

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Mingyu LiDanhua ZhaoZhizi LiuXing Chen

Abstract: The intelligent cabin is a complex multi-scene spatial carrier that lacks a practical and reusable perspective in constructing its scene space and interaction actions, and design participants have fewer efficient visual presentation means to help understand this process. Narrative is a flexible approach, from the overall framework to the interaction feedback, to the dialogue interpretation of each character. The introduction of a narrative perspective on tangible interactions better restores the state of spatial interactions in the cabin and stimulates participants to think more deeply about the cabin concept, spatial location, and modes of interaction. In this article, we investigate the role that tangible interactive narratives play in the development of intelligent cabin scenarios. We show how participants can use these narratives to test the applicability and usability of conceptual ideas by engaging in realistic and coherent tangible interactive narratives.

Keywords: Intelligent cabin design, Tangible Interaction, Design Narrative

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003377

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