Smart Cockpit Layout Design Framework Based on Human-Machine Experience

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ziteng ZhangDanhua Zhao

Abstract: With the rapid development of smart cockpit due to technological progress, the use scenario and user behavior of the in-cockpit users have changed dramatically. Automation and interconnection have greatly enriched the HMI (human-machine interaction) experience in the SCS (smart cockpit systems), the designs and researches conducted by researchers and designers from the perspective of traditional automobile interior layout will be greatly limited by these changes. We summarize the changes in cockpit layout caused by the development of human-machine experience in the smart cockpit systems, and present a design framework for smart cockpit design that includes design space. The framework consists of four parts: intelligent display area, seat space, smart peripherals and driving components. This research and framework provide new ideas and inspirations for the division of cockpit interior layout in design research, and provide guidance for the design of smart cockpit as a tool.

Keywords: Smart cockpit, User experience, Design framework, cockpit layout

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003379

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