The Effects of Gender Differences on User Experience of Smartphone Vibration

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yuxuan LiuXinmiao NieJing ZhouXing XiaoHaining Wang

Abstract: Smartphone vibration is widely used in a variety of scenarios to provide information to users through the sense of touch. The user experience of smartphones is greatly influenced by haptic feedback. In this study, an experiment and an interview were conducted to investigate the effects of gender differences on the smartphone vibration experience. The vibrations of 5 smartphones were compared in 4 different scenarios, with 30 participants (16 males and 14 females) taking part in the study. Based on evaluation dimensions, the analysis showed that females were more sensitive and more accepting of smartphone vibrations than males. In certain scenarios, significant differences were found between males and females in their evaluation of vibration comfort. Based on the comparison and analysis of smartphone vibration, different preferences for males and females were identified for each scenario. The specific preferences were summarized based on the content of the interviews.

Keywords: Smartphone vibration, Multiple vibrotactile feedback, Gender effects, Subjective comfort

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003380

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