Optimization of interior design process on the basis of human factors standard

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Authors: Qianqian LinYuanbo SunJing Gao

Abstract: Interior design is based on the use nature of buildings, environmental standards, use material and technical means and architectural aesthetic principles, to create reasonable function, comfortable and beautiful indoor environment, to meet people ‘s material and spiritual needs. At present, the mainstream interior design process is dominated by the implementation process of engineering projects, focusing on engineering efficiency and paying less attention on human factors. With the development of society, people have higher requirements in the living environment, and a number of interior environment evaluation contents based on human factors are also set up in the architectural evaluation standards. Based on human factor engineering, this paper optimizes the current mainstream interior design process, in order to achieve the integration of engineering efficiency and human factor standards and provides a new idea for interior design.

Keywords: human factor, interior design process, evaluation, standards

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003384

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