Exploration of AI aided design path for graphic designers

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Weiming LiuYing ZhaoGuoer WangLi Yang

Abstract: At present, the field of artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, and breakthrough achievements have been made in design. Artificial intelligence design shows the characteristics of humanization, diversity, convenience and high efficiency. Through questionnaire interviews and quantitative analysis, this paper first collects current graphic Designers' opinions on AI participation in design, then conducts quantitative analysis to find out the problems and pain points that graphic designers encounter in the environment of AI participation in design. Then it discusses the principles of AI design and the relationship between AI and human in design activities. A set of AI-aided design model is constructed to improve the current level of collaboration between graphic designers and AI paintings.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence assisted design, co, creative AI,Principles of artificial intelligence design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003386

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