Service Design of Virtual Decoration Based on Human Factors Requirements

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Zhang HaoranYuanbo SunSong YuqingChen SiwanXu Maoyuan

Abstract: This study considers virtual space as a service implementation site with many people and many machines participating. Menu interfaces, interactive objects, and virtual people in virtual space are considered service access channels in this system. Based on the method of service design, this paper builds a virtual home decoration design platform that users can participate in.First, analyze the user needs in the home decoration service process, especially in the design and planning process. At the same time, according to the characteristics of virtual media, summarize the capabilities of service participants and compilation constraints. Secondly, by reconstructing the human-machine collaborative relationship of service contact elements, a service system with multiple virtual channels and full process coverage is designed to complete the function assignment of a virtual home decoration design platform. Finally, comb the information architecture according to the system's functional requirements. At the same time, a virtual interaction prototype is developed based on the Unity platform.This study verifies the consistency of service design and human-machine system design in concept, process, and method. At the same time, based on the user's perception of service in virtual space, a virtual service contact model is constructed, and a design strategy for a virtual service contact channel that meets human-factor requirements is presented.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Home Decoration, Metaverse, Service Contact, Human, machine System Design, Service Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003389

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