Symbols in product semantic of aging design research based on eye tracking methodology

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jiqing FuJiajing ZhangZihao Wang

Abstract: The application of eye-tracking technology provides quantitative data on users' visual and attention mechanisms. It detects the user's interactive attention mode to a specified visual stimulus. Elderly populations undergo a phased degenerative process in hand, eye and brain coordination due to physiological decay as they age. Research shows that aging design is essential in the current social development process. This study focuses on matching the interface of aging products and the user experience of semantic design in the visual symbol of aging effects, coordinating the performance of the physiological sequence-oriented cycle of the elderly population in interaction design. A virtual model with eye-tracking technology was prepared, and we applied the inductive effect of digital visual symbolic semantics on elderly people, capturing subjects' eye-tracking data to study the influence of virtual environment perception on interaction interface design. In this study, comparative analysis of sampling and quantitative analysis of data were the main experimental methods. The study used the 3d dynamic simulation technology to create a virtual interaction between users and products, exploring the different needs of subjects at the visual sensory level. In this experimental study, a variety of virtual spaces were constructed and the aging design models were designed. “Blender” and “cinema4d” were used to design products and display the dynamically in space, using Pantone color combination analysis, using visual communication symbols for geometric analysis. After the completion of the models, the subjects were sampled by eye-tracker, and the sampling data were sorted and analyzed in batches. This issue focuses on the visual symbolic interaction experience of aging design product semantics. It explores the visual sensory semantic efficiency of the design symbols through data visualization with eye-tracking technology. The design symbols are analyzed by the aging design research method. The study provides data support for design research implementation to enhance the aging design's semantic efficacy.

Keywords: aging design, eye tracking methodology, virtual interaction

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003390

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