Design of interactive service for stray cat adoption based on shared platform

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xin YuemingMao YueFang LiyuanYang YangYuanbo Sun

Abstract: In order to solve the stray cat adoption problem, increase the sustainability of stray cat rescue activities and improve the current situation of the existing stray cat rescue platform, this study develops the service design practice through four stages: exploration, definition, development and evaluation. Firstly, the design process and the method of service design are analyzed through literature research. Secondly, the causes of stray cat problem and the current status of existing rescue platforms were investigated. In the exploration and definition stage, using user journey map, personas, and service blueprints to gain user’s needs. The study identified pain points and translated them into functions in this service design. In the evaluation stage, SUS test was used to verify the feasibility of the service design. This study constructed a new online cat raising service platform, including online cat raising service framework, APP design and innovative interaction ways. Continuously optimize the service experience of the existing stray cat support platform to attract users to continuously participate in the stray cat rescue activities. To provide theoretical support and reference for future rescue platforms for stray cats.

Keywords: Service Design, Stray Cat Rescue, User Research, Shared Platform

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003391

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