Strategies to improve the student engagement of Vocational College class based on design thinking

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Qianqian LinYuanbo SunZhenghong Liu

Abstract: Student engagement is an important factor affecting the educational outcomes of colleges, which can help colleges better understand the quality of students' learning and the mechanism of students' effective learning to help colleges make corresponding improvements. While previous research and literature studies have found that students in vocational colleges class have low student engagement. Design thinking is a comprehensive thinking with mature concepts, methods, and tools, which has been widely used in the field of education. This study introduced the design thinking in the vocational colleges class, proposed the teaching activity mode and strategy based on design thinking, tried to use design thinking to intervene students' class behavior, and conducted the strategy by empirical research. The results show that the teaching mode based on design thinking has a positive effect on improving student engagement in class.

Keywords: design thinking, vocational college education, student engagement

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003392

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